2019 CWMTF Committee Worksheets (details below)

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The preceding documents contain the 2019 CWMTF projects in ranked order for each committee.  These worksheets have been posted for the sake of transparency of our process.  It is important to remember that the rating system created by our trustees and reflected in the documents above is only one tool used in deciding how to award funding.  The Board has complete discretion in making awards and may consider other factors not reflected in their rating system.  Do not make any assumptions about the success of an application based on these figures.  The Board will meet on September 11-12 and make funding decisions regarding these applications.             

Per decision by the Board in June, 75% of this year's available funds will go to the Acquisition Committee, and 25% will go to the Restoration, Innovative Stormwater, and Planning Committee.  These figures are consistent with recent years and also align with the demand for each program.  The worksheets are populated with current estimate of the available funds for each committee.  

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